More better, more informed decisions with                        more data, safer, faster, and cheaper

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Our data generates volumes, surface area, linear and volume measurements - Digital Elevation Models, contour maps, Digital Terrain Models, planimetrics.

Certified photogrammetrist on staff! 


  • Survey-grade DEM with/without classifications
  • Quick calculations of Cut & Fill surface areas
  • High quality, site images for conducting initial estimates
  • Current photos of area with 10 - 25 times better resolution than Google Earth
  • Subcontractor progress checks with data overlay in BIM
  • Timeline analysis and documentation

Mid-Atlantic's leading provider of civil engineering drone services


Superior Alternative to Manned Aircraft Photogrammetry

More data

delivered faster

at a fraction of the cost

Digital Terrain Model

Digital Terrain Model

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Hi-Res, Inspection Photography 

Drone photography is better, faster, easier, and cheaper than traditional inspections.

Inspect facades and get close-ups - see cracks, bad caulking, roof conditions, and more ... view incredible detail without using manlifts or having teams repel from the roof.


Hi-Res Photography Applications:

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  • Close-up visuals
  • Facade assessments for historic preservation and building renovations
  • Project estimation
  • Assessment of current and potential projects
  • Safe reviews of hazmat areas and difficult to access sites and structures - without putting boots on the ground


  • Organized image files

Promotional Videos & Images

What better way to market your project than with beautiful aerial images and videos. Showcase your site with majestic aerial images that captivate your audience and standout from the competition. 


Videos and photos are an ideal for:

  • Advertisement/sales
  • Zoning hearings
  • Leasing opportunities
  • Social media content



Aerial Vision Group has been a dream to work with. They are responsive, thorough and expeditious. Sue and her team listen to their clients’ wants and needs while making professional recommendations to ensure clients are receiving the best footage possible.   

Elle Ellis, Marketing


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Charles P. Johnson & Associates has had the pleasure of working with Aerial Vision Group (formerly, Drone Engineering Services) for aerial photography of our many residential and commercial land development projects. They have been consummate professionals every step of the way and throughout the project. They are responsive and flexible, adjusting their schedules to accommodate our team and the best weather conditions to ensure they capture the best imagery. We look forward to our next project with them!

Mikiko Land, MBA, Corporate Marketing, Business Development at
Charles P. Johnson & Associates, Inc.



Aerial Vision Group (formerly, Drone Engineering Services)  was able to assist us in a timely fashion with high-quality, high resolution photography and thermal imaging of our facility. The staff conducted themselves in a professional manner, and the images were delivered the next day! Very impressive!

Kate Dixon, Division of Capital Construction and Facilities Maintenance with the State of Maryland

Let us get you the data you need!

We provide construction companies, engineering firms, architectural agencies, and commercial developers precision data with photogrammetry, thermography, and hi-res photography. The information allows clients to make more informed decisions with:

  • Project bidding and estimates
  • Vendor transparency
  • Quality control with project status
  • Site and surrounding area photos, before and after development 

Our drones are more accurate than civil surveys, replacing the need for hiring man-lifts, repelling engineers down tall buildings, standing dangerously near busy roadways with equipment, or building costly scaffolding for structure and bridge inspections.

Get more information from hard-to-survey areas and coastal regions.

It's done in 3 easy steps

           You name the site                        We collect the data               We process & deliver your files

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Detailed, precise, and more data
  • Safer alternative to manlifts and propelling crews on structures
  • Access to hard to reach areas and rugged terrain
  • Far more information that is easy to understand and use
  • Quick turnaround
  • Less costly alternative