Make more informed decisions with our precise, detailed data ...    faster and less expensively

CAD & LiDAR files of new home construction

Map everything within a Deed:

  • Buildings

  • Parking lots

  • Trees, bushes, streams

  • Topology

CAD-ready files - DWG, LAS

Engineers & Architects

  • 3D mapping, survey-grade elevations on CAD-ready files - ideal for land use planning
  • Daily, RTK photos - 25x better than Google Earth - to monitor construction progress vs plan
  • Ability to survey waterfront and tough, inaccessible terrain
  • Results within days after flight

Construction & Environmental Assessments

  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM) enable precision excavation to map Cut & Fill and capture topography
  • Regular fly-overs show progress (vs plan), perform quality control, spot problems before they escalate, and provide final inspection
  • Thermal roof inspections that reveal moisture problems, heat loss, faulty electrical, and more

Commercial Real Estate

  •  Market your real estate with greater transparency
    • With 3D digital elevation models of land and structures to show precise measurements and architectural detail
    • Faster - files available the day after flight(s)
  • Deals happen faster with latest and more robust civil engineering survey and aerial photos for
    • Brokers, bankers, investors, buyers, sellers, leasors, leasees
    • Zoning boards, government agencies, community groups
  • Shorten due diligence period and make more informed decisions with
    • Up-to-date survey and visuals of proposed site, rather than waiting months for engineers and inspectors to procure data
    • Thermal Imaging that reveals moisture problems, heat loss, faulty electrical, and more