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Improved safety:   Reduce the amount of time crews spend walking sites or navigating dangerous areas.

Time savings:  Receive UAV-generated data in a fraction of the time of conventional surveying.

Lower costs: Reduce costs for yourself and your clients by performing surveys in a fraction of the time.

Survey-grade maps with more data:  Include Ground Control Points (GCP) to obtain deliverables - planimetrics, DEM, DTM, orthomosaics.

Accuracy:  Achieve 3-10cm horizontal and vertical accuracy - Certified Photogrammetrist on staff.

Industry software integration:  Import files into CAD software (i.e., Civil 3D, Revit).

Ideal projects:  Sites that are more than 1 acre with minimal tree coverage.

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Site planning & surveying: Get survey-grade info with a drone (vs surveyors) and get it faster, with as much accuracy, and at a lower price point - often the data is more accurate since drone-generated point clouds gather millions of points compared to the hundreds gathered by a ground-based survey.

Management oversight:  Show real-time progress with regularly, updated overhead maps. And zero in on key areas, often with enough resolution to see individual studs.

Site progress:   Track progress against 3D models and aerial views to show actual vs plan.

Improved communication:  Share maps and models with stakeholders for streamlined communications - everyone is informed.

Stockpile measurement:  Measure stockpile volumes to make decisions about your materials needs.

Safety improvements: Identify safety concerns and reduce the time employees and contractors spend on roofs, steep slopes, and other dangerous areas.

Virtual design and construction: Upload UAV-generated point clouds into BIM / 3D software to check progress vs design.


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Safety:  Perform remote inspections to identify problem areas that need further attention and reduce the amount of time crews spend on roofs, elevated towers, and other dangerous areas.

More info:   Receive more detailed, organized data that could be missed using conventional inspection methods

Time savings:  Get info faster - no need to reserve and setup scaffolding or manlifts, and then arrange teams to conduct the work - UAV inspections are conducted within hours with minimal to no traffic interruptions.

Cost savings:  Avoid costly scaffolding, manlifts, or teams repelling from rooftop.

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Project promotion:  Showcase your work using unique angles

Audience engagement:  Use videos and photos to capture attention on websites and social media ... video is the best vehicle