Cut & Fill - no problem!

Perry snip.jpg

So, you have a property you're considering purchasing and you want an idea of how much Cut & Fill you'll need to deal with. Or, you own some land and need to figure out how much earth to move. We've got you covered! 

Our drone-based cameras will fly the site, capturing many images, which we then stitch together to form one photo. That photo becomes a goldmine of information! From that data, you can do the basics of figuring out Cut & Fill calculations - as shown in the photo. Super easy! 

No guesswork involved. We give you exact measurements, and your team can then determine what's involved to cart it away (as is the case with this example), or where to move dirt around to get you what you need. 

How long does it take? You get your team on board, give us the OK, and we'll set the flight - usually within a week of approval. The deliverables will be in your hands within 5 business days (usually sooner!). Bingo - the job is done. 

Now, let's say you need to have more info ... that's easy, too. We can work together with your survey team and have them strategically place Ground Control Points (GCPs) on the property. We then fly the drone, take lots of pictures, and provide you with a multitude of deliverables. More of that to follow in a future post.