Another application for drones - keeping the lights on

Today I came upon this post about how drones are now being testing for helping with power outages … just amazing!

It’s funny – so often when I tell people I have a drone business, their first thought is that we fly our UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to take pretty pictures, or “beauty shots” as I like to call them. And, certainly our drone-based, high-resolution cameras do exactly that – take phenomenal photos. But that’s just one piece of it. We have been focused on the civil engineering and real estate development industry, whereby our drones also collect data for our customers that allow them to make more informed decisions – whether the data is topographical maps and/or planimetrics (think surveying) or inspecting building envelopes. The UAVs capture the data much more quickly and safely than the alternatives for these applications. And today I read about what a group I Austin is pioneering. Leave it to the Texans!

Drones are being tested to conduct quick power line repairs … and better yet preempt that need by finding potential problems BEFORE they become problems. Aerial Applications is piloting a municipal project yet, working with SmartCity Austin, Austin Energy, Verizon, and Intel to help proactively manage Austin Energy’s grid. The hurricanes have sped up the process and made this a priority mission – call it the silver lining from Hurricane Matthew.

UAVs have been deployed in Savannah, Georgia, to monitor for broken telephone lines and flooded and/or blocked roads. Using drones, they were able to pinpoint the problem areas and, as a result, decrease response time by 50 percent. Using 3D modeling, they can take photogrammetry to a new level.

So, drones are not just the future – drones are helping communities here and now. The number of applications are remarkable. How are you using drone technology?