Just magnificent ...

Those words sum up the beautiful structures and communities that Zaha Hadid created. This world renowned architect made an incredible impact on the architectural community with her buildings that seemed to defy gravity and have a Zen-like appeal. The structures seemed to just flow. 

Arch Daily just posted a lovely piece about one of her many projects - the design of a Central Hub for Aljada, a prominent masterplan for the UAE city of Sharjah

Zaha Hadid Architects' vision conceptualizes the moment of water droplets striking the earth., creating spherical structures with an array of elliptical buildings. The buildings appear to be sculpted to channel strong winds into public spaces during the blistering UAE summers. These civic spaces are irrigated by recycled water, while tensile canopies create a microclimate for gardens of native plant species.

The 1.9 million sq ft Hub will form a centerpiece to the ARADA-designed masterplan comprising 24 million sq ft, with a budget USD 6.5 billion. Situated in the heart of Sharjah, the masterplan adopts a human-centered approach, prioritizing walkability and green spaces

Just magnificent ... ethereal beauty. Almost two years since her passing, Zaha Hadid leaves a lasting impression for many to admire for decades and very likely centuries to come.