Harvey has caused Houston to sink?!!!

How absolutely shocking! Hurricane Harvey is actually causing Houston to sink. Who would have guessed that this massive storm would leave such an imprint (literally!) on the earth's crust.


According to The Atlantic, Harvey has made quite an impact on that eastern part of Texas, where it made landfall. The sheer volume of water literally pushed down upon the surface and those areas have sunk.


How much water? Well, some estimates believe that Harvey topped 33 trillion gallons of water across the area it hit, which nets out to roughly 275 trillion pounds. That’s A LOT of water!


Apparently, this is not an unheard of phenomenon. The Himalayas experiences something similar with seasonal fluxes that occur with rain and snow fall. Then, there are manmade examples - the Hoover Dam and Three Gorges Dam. They have a capacity of just around 10 trillion gallons of water, which is not a trifling amount – but it’s a fraction of what bombarded Houston.


And, as many know, the filling of the Three Gorges Dam had many on edge. The big concern:  earthquakes. Luckily, this is not a concern for Houston, because of its location.


So, a large part of the Houston area’s geography has been majorly altered by Harvey, which has left a lasting impression. Should add, though, that Houston was already sinking, courtesy of subsidence, which is the pumping of groundwater from aquifers under the city. New measurements will be needed!