Trump receptive to reducing drone regulations

On Thu, June 22, 2017, US President Trump conducted a high-profile meeting with leaders of Sprint, AT&T, Precisionhawk,  AirMap, Airspace Inc, and Kespry.  In this public forum, the focus was on how the government uses technology and policy challenges facing that industry.

Trump was in favor of reducing regulations – including drone regulations – in order to help spur business and keep US companies competitive.

Prior to this meeting, the team met with regulators at the FAA and the Dept of Transportion.  The group requested greater freedom to operate drones and continuing their push for relaxed rules that require UAVs to only be operated in specific areas, during daylight, and within a VLOS (Visual Line of Sight). 

While first indications look quite promising, we’ll see how much Trump’s administration is able to carry through on his wishes.

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