Trump & drones?

In our world of drones, all eyes will be on the White House tomorrow, as Trump meets with tech entrepreneurs and VC folks about emerging technologies ... drones being one of them. What will be the outcome?

CEOs from Kespry (drone manufacturer) and Precisionhawk (drone platform company) are sure to press hard for less stringent regulations. Let's face it - drones are here and here to stay.  Yet, federal agencies have been able to keep pace with the onslaught of UAVs in the marketplace. 

Aside from being the toy or gadget of choice these last few years, drones are allowing many organization to recognize significant cost-savings and efficiencies for a myriad of industries - agriculture, construction, development, movie & TV production, etc. 

One of the regulations that may become part of the conversation is the restriction known as VLOS - visual-line-of-sight - rules. Right now, UAV operators need to maintain VLOS at all times ... if not the pilot, then an assistant. Yet with today's intelligent systems, VLOS is becoming less and less of a necessity, at least with FAA 107-certified pilots. We'll see what happens!