It all started when...

A group of us got together to devise a method of extracting extremely precise survey data at an accessible, affordable cost. Getting the various systems – LiDAR, onboard computer, GPS – to talk to one another to provide us with useable data was no small feat. Working with the latest survey and drone technology we provide our customers with timely and precise data that makes their jobs more efficient and effective.

Old vs New

The traditional approach with surveyors in the field collecting points has been the practice for decades. Good and relatively inexpensive approach, but light on detailed information. The other option is planes equipped with LiDAR, which provide phenomenal data, but at a very steep price. LiDAR Drone Systems is the new alternative - our drones are outfitted with technology that results in

  • Superior data – drones fly much closer to the ground and in areas inaccessible to conventional aircraft
  • Affordable information – none of the high costs of chartering a plane and pilot
  • Quick turnaround time – once we have your specs, we collect and process the data in just a few days
  • Safety – drones offer flexibility and speed that planes and onsite surveyors cannot achieve

Our Team

You benefit from our expertise! Our team is comprised of pilots, GIS professionals, software gurus. Together, we are revolutionizing how surveying is conducted with a degree of accuracy that cannot be rivaled.

Fully Licensed - FAA 107 certified drone pilots ... we're legal!

Fully insured - need we say more??