Our Approach

We are an aviation company regulated by the FAA that uses only licensed pilots, who follow strict, established guidelines. Our services help the real estate industry, its vendors, and government entities make more informed decisions with valuable data:

  • Developing a new site
  • Renovating an existing structure
  • Repairing infrastructure

With the most advanced drones available, Aerial Vision Group will survey projects, inspect tall buildings, determine thermal losses, measure volumes and areas, and calculate earthworks.

Our Story

The company started with a passion for drones, applied to a two-year high school science research practicum to build a civil engineering drone. It began with an idea to make 3D laser scans affordable and accessible to the real estate industry. 

The company has evolved in the last few years, embracing advancements in drone and camera technology. Our goal is to deliver valuable data to our clients that will allow them to make more informed decisions, safer, and faster ... at an affordable fee.  

The quality of collected data is far superior than alternative methods (manned aircraft or "feet on the ground"), because drones fly close to the ground and in hard-to-survey areas without putting teams in harm's way. And Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) collect the data more safely and more cost effectively.

Meeting with clients, we recognized the need for high-resolution photography. We don’t use the typical drone camera … instead, we equip our drones with Hollywood-quality cameras for customers to zoom in to see the details.

Our latest service addition is thermography. We listed to clients' concerns about difficulties with roofing inspections, solar installation analysis, and concrete delamination. Thermal imaging reveals water and air intrusion immediately and quickly.